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«…We like to create extraordinary yachts for extraordinary people, that is why we reject «cheap» interpretations devoid of creative message. We intend to put emphasis on the uniqueness of our own style and demonstrate our clients the unlimited possibilities of design, which can be justly called a royal one…»

Have you ever thought that every unique object is unique in its own way? Yachts are not the exception.

The most difficult task in yacht construction is on the one hand – to make it exclusive. On the other hand – to reach such a versatility and entirety of all components, so that there were no doubts: that there is a phenomenon in front of you, a perfect vessel.

From this point of view every Lagoon Royal yacht is undoubtedly a unique DE LUX project. Each of it is the product of sophisticated engineer’s idea, incorporating in its design – intellectual tastes of the owner, his own vast practical experience and of course the talent.

In Lagoon Royal we are sure that to create a perfect product a designer is obliged to:

  • Know how to drive a yacht – this is the basis.
  • Be able to study – this is the art which cannot be learnt.
  • Always remember about his work, his creations and not to forget about the main thing – concentration: to design the yachts is not «hard» but «complicated»


«The difficulty of every individual project is that the yachts should in all respects meet the criteria of its class and at the same time – conceptually differ from the rest…»

Only at first sight it may seem that a model drawn on paper will correspond to all lines and radii of a drawing, but the creation of ideal especially made of redwood – 1:1 working model is a rarity. To get the optimal tactical and running performance – optimal volume, comfort, weight and exclusive aesthetics – one needs to work hard. Especially if we talk about creating a phenomenon.

«The most difficult part is to create the unique image with unique characteristics, incorporated into absolutely realistic frameworks»

Everybody wants to be exceptional. Among other things by means of a chosen yacht…

To make this dream come true we need at least the highest qualification of manufacturers and special experience.

Taking into consideration the difficulties and details of the process, Lagoon Royal has selected the specialists who can not only to recreate on paper the through prospects of future projects, but magnificently put them into life, using original «shipbuilding» materials. As a result of cooperation with the leading design bureau «Judel/Vrolijk & Сo» the Line of elegant Royal Cabin models was born.

Lagoon Royal yachts are made only of valuable wood species: khaya, sipo, teak (its subvariety – iroko), makore, afromosia, mahogany, oak, selected cultivated pine and larch.

Regardless of labor-consuming and extremely expensive as for the boatbuilding industry process, it is well worth the effort. We are proud of our ability to «give birth» for overwater travel to the true «royal» yachts – of amazing profile, with accumulation of right proportions and perfectly selected configuration of the interior.

They are really distinguished by the peculiar design – elegant, «easy», «soft», reliable with remarkable aesthetic qualities. «Inherent limitation» in form and size was wonderfully overcome by specialists by means of innovation solutions in design.

Classically soft lines of a hull in the exterior visually «prolong the lines» in space and create added volume; all necessary equipment and magnificent accents – in the interior – give the unique feeling of comfort and homeliness.

Naturally the dominant and the trademark of the shipyard are inalterably warm tints of redwood. Concerning everything else an owner has a unique opportunity to become «a co-creator», and to adjust the design according to his/her own taste and desire. Actually every Lagoon Royal yacht is the embodiment of ideal way of life and water recreation.

«Regardless of what yacht you prefer, our philosophy must allow you as an owner to feel in full the freedom of being in charge of your time, luxury of relaxation, attraction of new journeys and unforgettable impressions».

Each Lagoon Royal yacht has a lot of benefits:

  • They are long-lasting – after special treatment redwood can serve more than a century. Minimum of condensate develops in wooden hull, there is practically no smell of formaldehyde and other synthetic components, they are more comfortable, offer amicable living space, better warmth and soundproofing. After intensive grinding the hull is covered with twelve layers of 3-component polyurethane enamel «Awl Grip», which serve for the protection of yacht’s hull from ultraviolet rays and emphasize the natural beauty of redwood hull, give the unique shine and ideal smoothness of the surface comparable to the glass.
  • Control panel displays the maximum of information necessary for driving a yacht, monitoring engines and mechanisms.
  • The pilot’s seat is ergonomic and allows comfortable arrangement of any person by means of regulations.
  • A steering column is controlled according to the height.
  • Windscreen coating is handmade of redwood, which highlights the uniqueness and genteelness of a yacht. 
  • Deck details are made of A4 stainless steel and are sea water, oxide and sun proof.
  • Engine access hatch is opened and closed hydraulically.
  • The range of diesel, gasoline and sometimes gas turbine engines that can be installed on a yacht is characterized by the low level of noise and vibration, enough power in balance with efficiency.
  • The steering system at mooring and maneuvering in constraint environment of marine ports is a well-thought-out as well as many other things.
Construction works are carried out by the certified specialists. Process, engineering and construction up to the commissioning of a boat are realized under the supervision of Bureau Veritas (France). All yachts have CE certificate from Bureau Veritas. The construction made of oak laminate is used as structural frame. According to requirements the humidity of all lamellae is the same and reaches 12%. Adhesive materials are prepared by specialists in accordance with the requirements of «West System» manufacturing company.


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