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History of Lagoon Royal shipyard

Every Story has its Beginning.

Every company has a personal goal: how - by means of its own creative genius – bring to life the product, which will become the everlasting symbol, «authentication card» of brand in the world. Among the alike – at first sight.


Though the likeness is always a premature conclusion. In every truly unique thing there are 99% of work and special skills. And only 1% is the brain wave. If what the British say is true, there are only three real entertainments that fascinate the men: these are galloping horse; dancing woman and a luxurious yacht.


If what your own feelings say is true, a luxurious yacht is able to make a mash on it!

In such a yacht, as well as in a beautiful dancer, every line, every curve, every oval is the perfection that can evoke the delight. And at least the desire to possess. However to admire from afar is not the same as to be on board. And there is a great difference in perception. Just imagine – elegant beautiful yacht, nobly and calmly bobbing on the sea, sparkling with warm gold of its sides able by magic to take the air over the waves, displaying the fantastic mix of speed, power and grace.

Doesn’t such a dream take your breath away? Is it possible not to fall in love with such a yacht? Actually this was love that laid the foundation of history of creation of the unique personal shipyard Lagoon Royal a few years ago. Its founders from the very start knew that they intended to build boats of exclusive quality for exclusive people. Because they fully share the passion for the sea, freedom and traveling. That was the love for the waves, free creative genius and supreme mastery, «united» under the roof of a shipyard that served as that very starting «berthing» point, which inspired Lagoon Royal to choose the uniqueness as its motto and yachts as its personal symbol. The main goal was also defined – to create not simply beautiful vessels «of minor forms», but exclusive, royal yachts made of redwood! We can value the beauty like nowhere else and we are sure that:

The yachts of real beauty will not lose their value even in 100 years…

A short historical digression. Speaking about Kherson shipyard Lagoon Royal, we can’t help but mention the city of Kherson. It owns special place among other Ukrainian cities. Located in one of the most picturesque estuaries of the Dnieper River with its numerous branches, creeks and lakes the city is closely connected with the sea, vessel building and navigation.

History still keeps the legends about the mastery of virtuosic shipwrights. Since that time when in 1778 under the decree of the Russian empress Catherine II, the very best craftsmen were gathered to work at the erection of the first Kherson shipyard. After a while painstaking work was rewarded by «the birth» of the first of the glorious cohort of vessels-giants of the Black Sea Fleet: in 1783 66-canon beauty «The Glory of Catherine» was floated out.

Much water has flown under the bridge since then. Erection of marine «Heracles» became good and everlasting tradition, and this tradition has preserved to the present days precious deposits of more than 200 years experience.

Lagoon Royal came out to be one of a few that were lucky to open new – personal unique page in the history of high «vessel» art. Creating the yachts, specialists of the shipyard use not only time-tested solutions, but also the most interesting innovation approaches, extending the rating of possibilities and feelings for the lovers of yachting recreation, beauty, reliability and comfort.

The name Lagoon royal is more than just a symbol or «a trademark».

This name embodies the style of «de luxe» class: sophistication, luxury, stability, strongly marked individuality. A genuine royal style. Perfection, incorporated into hull-box made of redwood. Exceptional functionality of every element is necessarily emphasized with individual approach to every detail. Hence - valuable wood species and meticulous work of designers and redwood craftsmen, and the result capturing the imagination: a yacht, we have put our heart in, - in the course of time – will get the harmony with the soul of its owner…

Possessing a Lagoon Royal yacht is as good as possessing a dream. And to be part of the special world – the world of chosen ones…

Owing to the highest quality, impeccability of details and exclusive materials, yachts of our shipyard are able to compete not only with those alike – but even with the jewelry works! Specialized in manufacturing the yachts of redwood rare species, Royal Lagoon manufacture genuine (certified) handmade «masterpieces»: motor and sailing yachts up to 27 m in length. Suggesting you to choose a yacht after your own heart, we are ready to additionally fit it with any necessary equipment. Or to offer you a special project – especially «according to the dream» of an owner – upon the project of our shipyard’s or a foreign designer.


Every story has its Beginning.

Every company has a personal goal.

«Our yachts are readily recognizable. Each of it is made in keeping with the best traditions of Time, Royal classics, «redwood». Our style is totally reflected in our name. This is a peculiar beauty, reliability, luxury and comfort. For exceptional people and special occasions».

Lagoon Royal

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