Lagoon Royal

Motor yachts

Speed, drive, adrenalin…

In motor yachts Lagoon Royal one can find paradoxical combination of freedom-loving, indomitable outburst of soul, yearning after new sensations and wonderful comfort…

Motor yachts Lagoon Royal are magnificent yachts made of redwood, created for dynamic and active people, who prefer to combine speed and recreation with all modern conveniences. In a flash it will translate you from daily routine to absolutely unknown world…

One second is enough to seize the moment and soar over the water on the wings of dream and speed!

By comfort we imply comfort on the highest level. What else? Spacious luxurious design, additional options – both in interior and exterior design. Enjoy new impressions and incredible feeling of freedom!!!

Tender    Martin (ROYALspeed 30`)    Mustang (ROYALspeed 39`)    Royal Cabin 62` Lagoon-2    Royal Cabin 57` Lagoon    Royal Cabin 47` Lobster    

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Lagoon Royal