Lagoon Royal

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Cruising 20.8 m yacht Royal Classic 66'(Nostalgia)

It has the furniture of a sloop type. On board there is a large cabin of an owner and 2 comfortable guest cabins, equipped with sanitary facilities with shower booths. Fore there is crew quarters which can be entered from the deck.

Chief cabin is fitted with navigation officer’s place, spacious dining area, big galley with a refrigerator, microwave, kitchen stove, barbecue and sanitary facilities. An exposure cover can be installed over a cockpit.

УSails and mooring device control is made by means of winches with motor drive. The yacht is equipped with autopilot system, 220 В generator, GPS and echo sounding machine, supply systems of hot and cold water, air conditioning, distilling plant and multimedia system.

The navigation area of a boat is not limited.

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Lagoon Royal