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Cars, mansions, private islands and many other things have long ago turned into living essentials for the greats. And only the yachts maintain their original status – the main attribute of a free life…

There are plenty of luxurious things in the world. According to the dictionary, luxury is «the redundancy in living facilities and enjoyments» or «something expensive, hard to get but very alluring». In the language of symbols and sensations possessing the object of luxury means possessing FREEDOM and RIGHT OF CHOICE that give us exceptional colossal pleasure.

Freedom is a luxury which not everybody can afford. Yacht is an allegory. Freedoms: luxury not to think about the time and business; possibility to enjoy privacy, speed, communication, relaxation – life…

We are passing through the days – day by day, overcoming the pressure of megapolis fuss. Shouting down one another to be heard in this buzz of daily life. Every single moment in our mind we find ourselves anywhere else instead of being «right here, right now».

And taking pleasure in life in its highest and more spacious dimension, in spontaneity of creative longing and crossing the defined borders, in returning to the backgrounds of your soul, search for the mystery and aspirations to oppose the fuss, in the desire to cross the limits of commonness.

That is why according to Berlusconi freedom is a luxury. That is what we cannot live without.

To allow yourself a luxury to enjoy the freedom is the highest art.

УThe ability to live and inimitable style that can open new joys, new emotions, impressions and real values of life, beauty and new horizons in your own life and in the life of your loved ones. This means the ability to reap from the current situation all riches of your experience and emotions that it offers:

  • ability to find the time to watch sunset or sunrise
  • ability to listen to the silence
  • ability to seize the changes that can introduce something new in daily routine and enrich your inner world

That is why the yacht is traditionally considered to be one of the main attributes of FREE life and conclusive evidence of belonging to the establishment. Luxury of such a kind gives its owner the possibility to feel oneself «the inventor of your own style».

On one’s own yacht everybody can be «Columbus» in some sort. A discoverer!

That is why the magnificent wooden yachts Lagoon Royal are called the yachts for personal adventures.

These yachts are like enlightenment: of sky, water, clouds and the sun; islands of emerald green on the horizon; the moon in a framing of starlight night. Enlightenment of soul stopping dead in silence from the delight, thoughts and impressions…

Specialists of our shipyard succeeded in combining the incompatible: accurate embodiment of the royal nature, where innovations smoothly coexist with the tradition, mobility – with the ability to transform. As a result – excellent alternative to the frantic pace of modern life. Everything is elegant and simple and at the same time every detail is full of permanent attachment to the spirit of Freedom…

Recreation on a yacht naturally combines the freedom of communication with the possibility to stay alone, the freedom of movement with the possibility of total refusal to move, exquisite comfort with active way of life. And unlimited possibilities in personal usage…

«We create yachts for people who like to specify directions to their present by their own and randomly choose the future direction, looking up to the best existing possibilities».

That is why the best yacht is the yacht made especially for you. To make your dream come true and feel the pleasure from driving, reliability and magnificent performance of a boat.

That is why by choosing a Lagoon Royal yacht you get a boat not only with rich future but also the excellent opportunity to swim slowly enjoying the moment and Free Style…

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