Martin NKI 109 Royal Speed 30′

The yacht (motor vessel) of the NKI109 “Martin” project is intended for active recreation and tourism. Swimming area – category C (ISO) – in coastal waters with waves up to and including 1 m high and wind force of on the Beaufort scale up to and including 5 points.

Architectural and structural type – diesel boat with a wooden hull.

The full displacement of the vessel in water with a density of 1.025 t/m³ is about 3.1 tons.

Net capacity of ship supplies:
• diesel fuel 0.25 t
• drinking water 132 l

The cruising speed during sea trials at a standard tonnage in deep water, a water surface without ripples, with a clean, freshly painted hull and a water temperature of 15°C with a main engine power of 228 kW is about 37 knots.

Main dimensions:
Length greatest 8.91 m
Length waterline 7.4 m
Width greatest 2.5 m
Height of board 1.43 m
Draft 0.42 m

High-speed 8.91-meter boat “Royal Speed 30”. The boat is equipped with a shelter cabin with two berths, sunbathing area, lockers, fire extinguishing system in the engine compartment, 12/220V converter, refrigerator, wash basin, electric anchor, drain pumps, depth sounder/GPS, searchlight, miner, radio, audio equipment, bathing tow, stern shower. It is equipped with additional useful options according to your wishes.