Nostalgia NKI 102 Royal Classic 66′

The yacht of the project NKI102 “Nostalgia” is designed for outdoor activities and tourism. The navigation area is unlimited.

Architectural and constructive type – a yacht with sloop-type sailing equipment, with a developed deckhouse, aft cockpit. The yacht was designed and built to +YACHT I 3/3E/W +MACH class according to Rules for the Classification – Certification of Yachts Bureau Veritas, 1993.

The total displacement of the vessel in water with a density of 1.025 t/m³, with a keel draft of 2.80 m, is about 37 tons.

Net capacity of ship stores:
• diesel fuel 1.1 t
• potable water 670 l

Main dimensions:
Overall length 19.50 m
Waterline length 15.84 m
Overall width 5.54 m
Depth amidships (up to VP) 4.20 m
Keel draft 2.80 m
Main sail area 270 m²

Auxiliary engine:
Auxiliary engine – one marine diesel VOLVO PENTA D5ATA with a power of 103 kW (140 hp), with a ZF220 reverse gear.

The speed under the engine, at a water depth of at least 60 m and a water temperature of 15 ° C, with a clean freshly painted hull under test conditions per measured mile will be – 9.0 ± 0.3 knots

Single masted 20.8 meter yacht “Royal Classic 66’”.
GPS and echo sounder, air conditioning system, hot and cold water, autopilot, electric rig control winches, 220V generator, bathroom , multimedia system, galley, refrigerators, microwave oven, stove, barbecue, desalination plant, sun awning and other equipment that increases the level of comfort.