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There is something inaccessible to expression in words and attractive in the depths of feelings, comprehended only by a few, which are slowly, like a blooming bud of a beautiful fantastic flower awakening from sleep in the darkness when touched by the first ray of light, in the action of a magical synergy of fantasies and subtle hints of dawn.

Modern life dictates new rules to all its Participants without exception. What yesterday was sophisticated, challenging and flashy luxury, day by day is embodied in everyday life necessities. It is unlikely that today, someone who is tempted by the “charms of life” can be surprised with an exclusive car or an author’s design with furnished apartments.

Modern man adventurously – exquisitely impresses to conquer the unprecedented, inaccessible to other mortals expanses of fantasy and reality, to study the subtleties of sensations from the knowledge of the mysterious depths of being. Nothing fascinates and deprives you of peace as much as the desire to subdue the unpredictable elements of individual personal originality and unsurpassedness.

A lot of unfinished business leads the way of the hungry, to the idea of the need for a quiet and cozy “Place of solitude of the soul”, where you can temporarily renounce external irritants of peace and plunge into the sweet world of wonderful experiences and pleasures … A secluded and deeply purely personal, intimate place!

To help you survive these emotions in a difficult desire to maintain intrigue, painted in adrenaline colors of thrill and ubiquitous competition, we note, very psychologically successfully, we are trying – the Lagoon Royal shipyard.

Yachts of the shipyard «Lagoon Royal»: