Mustang Royal Speed 39,5′

The yacht of the Mustang project is intended for active recreation and tourism.
2nd coastal sailing area – the coastal zone of open and inland seas, as well as reservoirs on inland waterways, with a 5-mile distance from the shore and a 20-mile distance from a place of refuge, in which the sailing of the vessel is limited by waves of up to 5% of security up to 1.5 m and wind up to 6 points.

Architectural and structural type – motor yacht, with a cockpit and a self-draining cockpit. The yacht was designed and built for class (KM) P2T2 (tour/yacht), Category C in accordance with the Rules of the Shipping Register of Ukraine of 2007.

The full displacement of the vessel in water with a density of 1.025 t/m³, with the keel down, is 11 tons.

Net capacity of ship supplies:
• diesel fuel 1.0 t
• drinking water 250 l

Main dimensions:
Length the greatest 12.8 m
Length of the waterline 11.3 m
Width the greatest 3.80 m
Height of the board at the midship (to VP) 1.90 m
Draft 0.55 m
Crew, person. 2
Passengers, person 8

Main engine:
Consists of two “VolvoPenta” D6-375 power units of 276 kW (370 hp), with corner columns and two propellers on the axle.

Cruising speed in deep water and water temperature of 15°C, in the absence of wind and turbulence, with a clean, freshly painted hull will be 48 knots.

High-speed 12-meter boat Mustang “Royal 39.5”.
The yacht is fully equipped. All possible equipment options that increase comfort and are used on yachts of this size are provided. Note the presence of an aft shower and fresh hot water system, air conditioner, 220V generator, deck washing system, electric barbecue in the cockpit, two independent HI-END DVD systems with LCD monitor, radio station. In the bow there is a cabin with a large sofa, a galley with a stove and a microwave oven, a bathroom, there is a shelter cabin with a double bed. The central cockpit is completely covered by a sun awning and protects against light rain. GPS and functional directional sounder, nose device, swimming area and sunbathing area.